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Anything on your mind that’s health and fitness related? Leave us a question to ask the doctor, and we’ll forward it to a number of specialists at the University Orthopaedic Center. If your answer makes it into our print version, we’ll automatically enter you for a chance to win a trip to Zion National Park.

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  1. I’ve had a nagging lower back problem that keeps me stiff and off balance. It usually flares up near the end of ski season. How can I keep it loose?

  2. I have some neck pain I think from excessive computer work. Riding a bike is very uncomfortable. Any exercises I can do? Or should I quit work?

  3. I’m a senior entered in a 60K mountainbike race at altitude with 5000 feet of climbs this July. Any training tips?

  4. I have arthroscopic (sp?) knee surgery a month ago. Is it too soon to go skiing if I take it easy? Husband says not this season.

  5. In a recent series of “Peanuts” comic strips, Charlie Brown comes up with Little League Elbow. Is there such a thing or is it just a figment of Charles Schulz’s (God rest his soul) vivid imagination?

  6. My knee swells up after I have skied or biked a long distance. Is there any way to prevent this?

  7. I just bought a new road bike, and am considering a custom fit. How can this improve my riding?

  8. What should I do if my legs are jello every time I ski.

  9. How can I keep my strength up for an all day hike?

  10. I recently purchased a new road bike, and am planning on doing some long distance riding this summer. How should I prepare?

  11. After ridding a bike I have tightness in my lower back. I use a riding belt but it allows the area it is on to heat up.

  12. Last September I had abdominal surgery. Since then my Right shoulder has been in pain, and I have experianced reduced mobility with the shoulder. The pain starts at the top of the shoulder and raidiates down the inside of my forearm. It stops just above the thum / wrist area, where it has numbness and tingeling. There is sensitivity even when my shirtsleeve rubs that area.

    I realize that the the surgery itself didn’t effect this, probobly the position they had me in during surgery.

    Sleeping on it agitates it, it’s worse in the morning, but does get better as the day goes on.

    I do play alot of golf, and would like to get it better for the upcoming season. So far all I’ve taken for it is Ibuprofen

  13. I’ve heard several different opinions on different recovery drinks, everything from high priced supplements to just chocolate milk and that protein is needed for muscles to recover from workouts…. What is the best carb to protein ratio to achieve optimal muscle recovery?

  14. I’m 45 years old and I either run or bike six days a week, all year long. But I still get somewhat winded going up a few of flights of stairs. Is this normal?

  15. Elbow pain, it started this past winter when I (believe) i caught my ski pole on a bush. Now it hurts when I grip my handlebar on my mountain bike. Any ideas?

  16. When I rode bike for more than 10 miles, my toes go numb. I have tried everything – changing road shoes, changing pedals, socks vs. no socks, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

  17. I have plantar fasciitis in my heel and it’s very painful. Is there anything I can do to my hiking shoes to help with the pain? Exercises?

  18. What are some ways that I can strengthen my arms and grip for climbing? I’m just getting into the sport, and have had a good bit of soreness!

  19. Shin splints- I’ve tried every recommended stretch in the book, but they seem to be a recurring pain for me. What’s your advice?

  20. Stretching- I’ve heard both good and bad to stretch before my run. What’s your take?

  21. I’m looking to start a weight training regiment this fall to get in shape for skiing, what sort of lifts do you recommend?

  22. I’d like to improve my cardio capacity, and am looking at starting skate skiing this year. Can you suggest a schedule to help me build up my endurance?

  23. My right shoulder hurts when I do certain exercises (ex: push-ups). I played volleyball and did throwing events for track and field in high school, so I guess I could have some wear and tear, but I would have thought I’d be fine by now (it’s been several years since any serious play). Any thoughts?

  24. I’m having hip pain transitioning from my bike to skiing this season. It isn’t real painful, just nagging. Is there some way that I can stretch it out?

  25. I’ve been told so many times that stretching my hamstring is the best way to alleviate knee pain. What stretch, if any, do you recommend?

  26. After a day of skiing in the back country, my upper back and shoulders are always sore from carrying my pack. I’ve tried numerous exercises and strengthening techniques, to no avail. Any thoughts?

  27. I’ll take any advice on how to alleviate my lower back pain.

  28. I’ve got custom fitting ski boots with custom footbeds, yet my arches are always cramping. The fit seems to be ok on the boots, but can you help?

  29. My daughter (18yrs.) hit a tree while skiing this season with her shoulder. I took her to the er for an x-ray, but it’s negative for any break. She is now complaining about a lack of strength in her arm (she’s an avid tennis player as well). Can you recommend any strength exercises?

  30. I’ve been working at the computer a lot lately, and am getting a soreness in my wrist. I’m not readdy to have it looked at for carpal tunnel, can you recommend any way to loosen it up? It definitely feels weak when grabbing my handlebars or a ski pole.

  31. I want to get back in shape this year. I’ve always been athletic, and have maintained a weight training program, but I’d like to get lean in 2012 and increase my endurance.I’m thinking about getting into trail running, as there are several popular trails near my house. What’s the protocol for a beginning runner?

  32. I’ve been diagnosed with a torn meniscus. Since then I’ve been able to continue my yoga, do some skiing, and regular exercise class, with only occasional discomfort. Is it ok to go without surgery to repair? For how long?

  33. I broke my wrist cycling (crashing) last fall, and seem to have a hard time getting my strength back. Can you recommend any exercises?


  34. My hip and knee took a beating this winter on the hardpack snow, and I’ve been trying to get it resolved with some early season cycling. The discomfort persists however…any suggestions?

  35. A few of my friends have started to embrace the barefoot running concept, and are urging me to try it. Any risks that I should be aware of that you can counsel on?

  36. Several year ago I recall lots of news about cycling being related to impotence. Not so much anymore. What’s the deal?

  37. I started a weight training program last winter, and now while feeling much stronger,especially in my upper body, feel completely off balance on my bike. Can you assist?

  38. I’ve gotten a custom fit on my road bike, but after long rides feel discomfort in my hamstrings. It seems to be getting worse, can you explain or offer a remedy?

  39. Love the magazine! I seem to be getting a chronic strain in my neck after climbing this spring, tightness I’ve never had in 20 years of climbing (I’m 45). Can I stretch it out somehow?

  40. I’m an avid trail runner, and religiously track my training. But I’m feeling more fatigued than usual this year, despite my same weekly program. Am I losing it or what?

  41. I’m recently relocated to Park City from California. I’ve always been a big cyclist, and am definitely feeling the altitude here. How should I prepare for the change, and how long will it last?

  42. I had a tib/fib fracture this winter, and my doc says it’s good to go. I am feeling awfully weak on my mountain bike however. He told me to take it easy on the weights, but cycling should be ok. Any thoughts on how I can add strength?

  43. I’ve used the same backpack for years, but am feeling strain and sore shoulders after day hikes, especially in my shoulder blades and lower back. Is it time to upgrade or can you recommend any stretches?

  44. I’ve done some long overnight hikes before, usually 2-3 days. My boyfriend is proposing a 7 day trek with some big climbs and I’m concerned about my fitness. I consider myself in good shape as I am usually able to exercise 2-3 days a week. Can you recommend any exercises to help me get it done with minimal time provided by my work schedule?

  45. I do a lot of cycling and skiing, however working in the yard this spring has been killing my back, pain I’ve never had before. Thoughts?

  46. What’s the best way to get my leg strength back after my arthroscopic surgery, road biking or mountain biking?

  47. I’m trying to remain active this summer, but the heat and smoke from local fires give me concern. How do you know when it’s unhealthy to exercise outdoors?

  48. I’m starting to feel regular discomfort in my hip, which I don’t think would be unusual after 40 years of skiing (I’m 49). An acquaintance recently told me he had a hip replacement, and was mountain biking 2 months later. Really?

  49. I’ve had some chronic back pain for a few years that comes and goes. It’s usually alleviated with massage. It’ seems to be more persistent this summer however. What do you recommend?

  50. I have a kid that started skiing last season when she was 4. My wife says that it was too young, as she may not be ready for the sport. What age do you recommend?

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