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Go further, and get there faster with the new lightweight G3 Zen Oxide C3 105 Skis. Lightweight carbon construction. One ski to do it all.
This contest expired.

One Response to “Contest: G3 Zen Oxide Skis”

  1. G3 Ski Free
    G3 Ski Free
    Why should the G3 be given to me?
    Underfoot I’m runnin’ seventy six
    Super old skinny sticks
    I cannot begin to tell you how sketchy it is to descend
    I need the G3 Oxide Zen
    G3 Ski Free
    G3 Ski Free
    Flounderin’ about is bad for one’s liver
    I need something G3 105 stout in the quiver
    Now, I’m not packin’ three pins
    But I ain’t got the G3’s 131 tip to slap on my skins
    G3 Ski Free
    G3 Ski Free
    I’m always sinking if it’s variable
    Face plants, beaters and epic yard sales
    Oh how I need the G3’s 123 tails
    G3 Ski Free
    G3 Ski Free
    C’mon give those G3’s to me
    Lame poem
    Backcountry tantric zen breathing…
    That’s it …back…back…
    …back to the beginners mind
    Tell the adventure journal why I want ’em…
    Winter Zen from Wallace Stevens:
    It was evening all afternoon.
    It was snowing.
    And it was going to snow.
    The blackbird sat
    In the cedar-limbs.

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