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The Fixie Scene in Salt Lake

The Fixie Scene in Salt Lake

Imagine flying down the avenues on a bike that has more in common with a tricycle than a traditional 10-speed bike. The rear cog is directly connected to the rear wheel so that anytime the bike is moving the pedals go round and round making coasting totally impossible. You just can’t decide to stop pedaling […]

Skiing the Beehive's Backcountry Yurts

Skiing the Beehive’s Backcountry Yurts

Worlds away from the five-star restaurants, cush hotels, and general glitz of the modern mountain town experience, a night in a backcountry hut or yurt brings an element of adventure and connection with nature that’s often overlooked in the lift-powered, daytripping ski scene of today. Utah’s backcountry travelers are privy to a fairly extensive network […]