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Anything on your mind that’s health and fitness related? Leave us a question to ask the doctor, and we’ll forward it to a number of specialists at the University Orthopaedic Center. If your answer makes it into our print version, we’ll automatically enter you for a chance to win a trip to Zion National Park.

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  1. What are your thoughts on the barefoot running craze of late, or running with the minimal shoes? Can this be good?

  2. When I’m sore after a workout, is it OK to get back on it again the next day?

  3. I’m hoping to stay more limber this year for skiing, what sort of stretches can you recommend?

  4. I had an ACL replaced (cadaver graft) about 20 years ago.I now have occassional serious discomfort in the knee during physical activity. What are my options?

  5. I like to exercise in the morning, whereas my husband says its best to work out in the afternoon, when you are warmed up. What’s your opinion?

  6. i’ve been a downhill skier my whole life, but am feeling the aches and pains (49 years old)I’d like to get into skate skiing, but is it of less impact to my body?
    Keep up the good work with the magazine.

  7. I know I should be wearing a helmet for snowboarding this year, but they all seem to be getting smaller and smaller, almost like a fashion accessory. what should I look for?

  8. I separated my shoulder in a snowboarding crash last year, and I don’t feel I have the same range of motion. How can I stretch it out?

  9. How do I know when it’s time for a hip replacement? i’ve had some nagging pain for a few years that comes and goes. A friend had one recently at age 55, and was back skiing 5 months later. I’m 49, is it for someone my age already?

  10. I’ve been getting back into running lately, and it feels like the dreaded ‘shin splints’ are coming back on. What is the best way to rpevent them? Also- do you have any thoughts on the ‘minimalist’ shoe craze of late?

  11. I’ve been noticing some more than usual stiffness in my calves and achilles area after doing some hiking. Is this something that I can look to stretch out, or a sign of something more serious?

  12. Recently their has been an over the top craze about the proper way one’s foot should strike the ground when running. Either with the ball fist or with the traditional heel method. It’s becoming a bit overwhelming. Any thoughts?

  13. I’ve had my bike custom fit, but I still get numbness in my fingers and sometimes toes. Any advice?

  14. My knees, back, shoulders- basically I ache all over from skiing this winter,, but I don’t want to lose my fitness before I start my bike season. What is a recommended time of rest to recuperate?


  15. I’ve been a runner most of my life, but am spending more time cycling now to lessen the impact. I’m feeling some srthritic cranks in my knees however, is this common?

    Thanks- keep up the good work.

  16. There will be a lot of kids playing some aggressive sports in the next few months, what are some of the warning signs if one of them gets a concussion?

  17. I’m getting worsening pain in the arch of my left foot. My friend says it may be fasciitis. Is it something I can alleviate with stretching?

  18. I can’t give up my mountain bike, but my back seems to get stiffer and more sore with every ride. Suggestions?

  19. I’ve been told that my attempts to stretch my hamstring are futile. What is the best way to stretch it?

  20. I enjoy hiking 2-3 days a week in our beautiful Wasatch Range, and am starting to feel it in my shins…are these the dreaded ‘shin splints’ and how can I ease them?

  21. After a bike ride, I feel it in my shoulder blades. Any tips?

  22. I’m a long time road runner and have completed several marathons. I’m looking to do my first long distance off-road race this year, any advice for preparation?

  23. I’ve had my road bike professionally fit to my body, yet still get numbness in my hands and shoulders after being in the saddle for a long time. The guy who fit me says the fit is correct. Any ideas?

  24. I’m an avid hiker, and last year I sustained a seriously sprained ankle. Tests were negative for a tear, but I still experience swelling and occasional pain. Any ideas other than just eating ibuprofen?

  25. I’m looking to do my first long distance road rides this summer. Any preparation tips or advice? Thanks for the great mag, Love the Journal!

  26. Friendly debate between friends- is a higher spf sunblock number really better for sun protection?


  27. I love my daily dose of yoga, but am concerned about the chances of injury. Do you have any facts?

  28. I’ve been a casual runner for a few years. Now I’m told that the ‘new’ technique is to strike with your forefoot fist rather than the heel. What do you think?

  29. I want to be ready for ski season this year, what are some good cross training schemes to get me in shape?


  30. Research articles on whether or not stretching is beneficial contradict each other. Some articles say that it increases blood flow to the muscles, aiding in recovering. Other articles claim that participants feel benefits solely because of the placebo effect. What light can you shed on this topic?

  31. I’ve never seen )or felt) the need to get custom insoles in my ski boots, but my friends all rave about them, especially the comfort. My feet feel fine, am I missing something?

  32. I had knee surgery several years ago, and still find some occasional discomfort and swelling happening. It usually dissipates with an ice pack, but should I be concerned enough to get it looked at?

    Thanks! Love the mag…

  33. Are there any real benefits to ‘warming up’ before a day of skiing? My friend likes to go on a short run early in the morning, but it’s usually another hour at least until we get to the hill…

  34. I ‘tweaked’ my knee on my first day of skiing this year, it was swollen and in pain, and I feared the worst of a torn ligament. Lately, 2 weeks later, it feels fine except for when I do a deep knee bend. Should I be concerned?


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