Bill Barron- Riding Across Utah for Climate Change

Candidate Bill Barron to Reprise Bike Ride Across Utah


Two years ago, Bill Barron ran against all odds for US Senator against powerful incumbent Orrin Hatch. Though defeated, he is running for office again this year for a seat in the US Congress to represent Utah’s 2nd Congressional District. A carpenter by trade, Barron “would much prefer to be outdoors enjoying nature, however I felt compelled to run to raise attention to the urgent need to address climate change.  I truly have no aspiration to be a politician, but our country should be doing more and wanted to be sure that this issue gets the attention it deserves” he said in a statement. In 2012, Barron completed a 1200-mile bike ride throughout the State to raise awareness to his cause of climate change, and will again reprise his ride this fall. Barron’s tour includes pedaling 600 miles this fall as part of his campaign to connect with people throughout Utah to continue raising awareness of the need to address climate change, promoting a solution (a revenue neutral carbon tax) and sharing his passion to make a difference. “It is the moral responsibility of our generation to act on climate change.” We must take action for the greater good,” he says. “This year I am running for U.S. Congress in Utah’s 2nd district because our best chance to address this problem at the scale necessary is through federal legislation and neither of our Senators are up for election. “On September 5th I will begin the most important ride of my life facing the most urgent issue of out time.”  Barron’s tour will kick off at Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park in SLC at 2 pm on the 5th, and all are invited to stop by to offer support and offer assistance for any part of the tour. You can see the full schedule for his tour, and find out to volunteer and donate to his campaign at

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