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  1. Hey Paul!

    I spoke with you last weekend about getting monthly or quarterly journals for our business center here at San Marino. Please let me know what information you need to get this started. I have been quite a fan or your publication and know that our residents will be too!

    I look forward to hearing from you!!

    Charise Lee

  2. A few years ago,you ran an article about Mountain biking from Boulder to Moab. Is that still available?

  3. Please let me know whether Outdor Utah Adventure Journal considers article queries and whether it pays for editorial contributions. Thank you.


    Mary Syrett

  4. How do I start a subscription?

  5. I’d just like to say thank you on behalf of Kuhl Clothing for choosing our Skuhl eVent jacket in your Editor’s Choice list for 2011-12.

    We appreciate the write up and the exposure. As a local Utah company, we could not find a better publication that shares the same ideals of Mountain Culture our company was founded upon.

    Keep up the great work. Your mix of articles and the printing quality of your hard copy are excellent.

    Thanks again,


  6. i would like to write an article about the conduct of mt bikers on trails. the sport is huge now and there are many more incidents occurring on the trails. be nice to give the bikers a reminder of the way they should act on trails. ie stopping for hikers, uphill riders and general right of way conduct.

  7. Utah as a bike-friendly state? My experience is strictly off-road, as a hiker and mountain biker. My take, averaged over maybe 1,000 hike/bike days in the Park City area:

    Friendly greeting between trail users occurs 90% of the time.
    Downhill bikers yield to uphill bikers 80% of the time.
    Downhill hikers yield to uphill hikers 50% of the time.
    Bikers/hikers yield to overtaking users 100% of the time.
    Bikers yield to hikers 10% of the time. Either direction. Seriously.

    I am all for hikers yielding to uphill bikers- simple matter of momentum. But, downhill bikers should be stopping for uphill hikers EVERY TIME.

    Bike-friendly? I think we got a break on being #13.


    Your publication has written articles in the past about the Durango, Colorado, based Great Old Broads for Wilderness. This September a group of elderly women belonging to the Great Old Broads was camping on private property in San Juan County. On the evening of Sept. 28, a banner outside the group’s campsite was vandalized. On the night of Sept. 29, members received threatening messages and were also locked into their campsite, an action that put their safety at risk.

    The Salt Lake Tribune and The High County News attributed the harassment to an article in the Blanding, Utah, Blue Mountain Panorama newspaper that was designed to enrage the local radical anti-environmentalist. The San Juan County Sheriff Office and the San Juan County Commissioners have publically shown little concern for preventing future harassment.

    San Juan County is not a safe place to visit unless you are in agreement with the views of some of the local population, who can be aggressive in asking you to leave.

    Additional stories and articles supporting the Great Old Broads, and asking the San Juan County Sheriff Department to protect visitors from local harassment are necessary. Dangerous harassment of elderly women is not acceptable.

    The web sites above are the articles from the Salt Lake Tribune, the High County News, and The Great Old Broads home page.

    Bill Love
    Moab, Utah

  9. I am interested in your submission guidlelines. I have a story I wrote about a personal experience I had, losing a friend in an avalanche when we were skiing together. I also have some photos to accompany the the story. I would like to share this with others, particularly those who venture into the backcountry in the winter.

  10. Hi, I’ve been interested in your magazine and the excellent adventures it reports on for awhile now. I have an easy question for you. Is their some sort of calender of events or know-how on any local or in the area Adventure Races happening? I’m looking more for the 12-24 hour events opposed to 10k mud runs or obstacle courses of the such. Thanks.

  11. I would like to obtain a copy of your submission guidelines. I wrote a story concerning a personal experience with losing a friend to an avalanche when we were skiing together in the Wasatch backcountry. And I have photos to accompany the story. I would like very much to share this experience with others who venture into the backcountry in the winter.

    Rick Whitson

  12. Hi. I’m Alyssa Erickson, a mom, a climber, skier, photographer and freelance writer. I am the main voice over at, a blog that focuses on getting your whole family into the outdoors, as well as a contributor for Seattle Backpacker Magazine and ambassador for Fitfluential. I have been reading and enjoying Utah Adventure Journal for sometime and was wondering what your policy was for submissions? I’d love to write a few articles on how adventures do not die when you have kids. Subjects I am passionate about: how and where to climb with kids in the Wasatch, family friendly hikes around Utah and tips for camping.

    This summer we are embarking on a new backpacking project. We have plans for a few trips to the Wind River Range, the San Juans and our first ever trip taking our three kids who will be ages 3-7. Should be exciting! Thank you for your time!

    Alyssa Erickson

  13. I am wondering if you are looking for articles for upcoming issues. Please let me know via email.


  14. Hi Editor, Do you use Humorous Illustration with articles in This? I am an award winning Illustrator
    30+ years in the business. I would like to send 5 low res samples. Or
    check out the website above

  15. Do you accept article or essay submissions and if so, how do I go about submitting?

  16. There’s an error on page23 in the Spring 13 issue.
    The photo caption reads “Broads Fork, Above the Sundial”
    That’s not Broads Fork.

  17. Hello,

    The Utah Sports, Health & Fitness Expo is coming to the South Towne Expo Center on February 21-22, 2014! Come showcase your business to the 10,000 active Utahns who will be coming out to see YOUR business, participate in free clinics, enter $10,000 in giveaways, meet professional athletes, and more! Check out or contact us at Stay Active Utah to find out more. Talk to you soon!

    Thank you!

  18. Paul,

    I am still interested in getting my story out. I have already written it and it’s ready to submit. I also have some photos that I took with a film camera and have scanned the slides so they can be submitted digitally.

  19. About ads on your blog


    This is Mia Lee, an intern for the Trademarks and licensing office in the University of Utah. On October 1st, the office will launch a new line of clothing, so I want to ask to promote our new products line on your blog. Also, I wonder how your blog advertise. If the blog can do banner advertising, how much is the cost? Can you post our product’s review or show our products on your contents? Here is some information of new product: .
    I will wait for you response.


  20. Hi Utah Adventure Journal,

    I’m Chris and I’m a German Canyoning Guide.

    I’ve set up a canyoning site for the southern part of Germany and you can check it out here.

    Right now, I’m looking to push it google ranking wise and that’s why I’m writing you. Would it be possible to engage in a partnership (i.e. linkbuilding) with http://

    You’ve got the chance to support a young Germany Mountaineer with that 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you



  21. Dear Sir or Madam:

    On June 1st, 2014, the Park City Children’s Fair will be held at City Park in Park City. If you have not attended previously, it is a perennial favorite for families and kids in the area. And all the money raised goes back into the community.

    We would love the opportunity to have the Park City Children’s Fair featured in the community event calendar and would be happy to speak about it prior to the fair.

    Please let me know if this might be a possibility.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Sarah Barnes
    Park City Children’s Fair Committee Member

  22. I am relatively new to Utah Adventure Journal. Reading the latest issue (picked up at REI), I was intrigued by the recap of UAJ issue covers going back to Spring 2010 (p. 29-35). I would like to read the ‘Primetime Southern Utah’ article shown on the cover of the Fall 2010 issue but cannot find it anywhere in your website archives. Do any Utah Libraries hold the UAJ back to its earliest issues? Can I subscribe to the UAJ? Thank you!

    Janine Jarva

  23. I was wondering if I could reprint a copy of one of your articles on my blog at:

    I’d like to reprint the article “Making Corduroy- The Life of a Ski Groomer”

    I’d give credit to the original author and link back to your blog. Let me know if this is an option.


  24. I’m organizing a treasure hunt for real treasure worth more than $5000 here in utah, i’m trying to raise money to fund it and i was wondering if you could share my campaign to help make it happen.


  25. Stephanie Nitsch, “The Gear List”…

    I did all my crazy stuff in Boulder CO in the early and mid 70s. That’s back when there wasn’t alot of gear and you not only bought stuff from Choinard, you also climbed with him. Your article was good. You could get a good rope and carabiners were quite adequate. Even though I’ve taken a few doozer falls about 100 ft, I’ve never seen a bent carabiner. Back then, they were oval in shape and you could flip them around to make a perfectly safe rappelling device. Nowdays, I guess you need to have something specifically designed for this. I always disliked rappeling since I don’t like to trust my life to equipment. This attitude works – hey, I’m still alive and well at 60. And harnesses? I don’t trust them. We would make them on-the-go with a 2″ web around the waste and a 10′ sling around the legs. Very comfortable actually and double redundant. For most use, I’d just use the 2” web around the waist, as would my friends. For some, this was fancy. Pat Ament would just tie the rope around his waiste. Yup, I did a 90 ft fall with this arrangement and only broke a leg. My climbing gear was sweat pants, a chalk bag and t-shirt. Oh yeah, water. We did 12 pitches on Spearhead in RMNP and only had P&J sandwiches. No water. And the sandwiches turned to mush – they were in my pocket. But we ate ’em. I truly wish we had cool gear back then. Hey, at least we had chocks and didn’t need to hammer pitons. But I’ve done this too. Hated it.

  26. I am a big fan of the UAJ. I believe that I have a climbing / life story and great photos that would fall right in line with your publication. I am contacting you wondering what the proper steps would be to have someone review my material and possibly get it published.

  27. I am a landscape photographer with countless pictures of the Utah outdoors. I would love to talk wit someone about reviewing some photos for inclusion in your magazine. Thank you.

  28. I would love to contribute photography to your publication. Feel free to have a look at my website or I would be happy to submit photos for your consideration.
    Thank You,
    Nick Oman Photography

  29. Hello, I am a photographer and writer living in La Sal, Utah just south of Moab. I write articles for Landscape Photography Magazine, blog, and show my photography at Gallery Moab as well as online venues. My work is all about taking the reader/viewer to places within themselves through written and photographic stories of my time wandering around in the desert. I have also produced two artisan books of photography and poetry. You can get a glimpse of my work through my website, through LPM, short pieces on Facebook, and my blog which is located on my website. Thank you for your consideration.

  30. On January 21, 2014 I completed my expedition by bicycle to the South Pole, the first time anyone has done this. I have a great presentation I would like to give for your Utah Adventure Journal Speaker Series.

  31. Hey there! Have always loved your publication! I have lots of wonderful photos from around utah that would look great in the Utah Adventure Journal!! Take a look at my website and let me know if you’d like to use some of thm. Thanks

  32. Please let me know whether the Utah Adventure Journal considers article queries and whether it pays it article contributions. Thank you.


    Joe Zentner

  33. I was reading in the Fall Journal tonight and came across the article on page 9 about the Utah Tar Sands Mine. I understand that your publication does touch on a lot of environmental issues and the Tar Sands is certainly a controversial project, but I think you do your readers a disservice by not covering both sides of the story. I happen to work for the equipment dealer that has supplied the bulldozers and scrapers to the contractors working at the mine and have become pretty familiar with what they are doing. I think it would be worth letting your readers know that US Oil Sands is a unique project because they have patented a new, environmentally friendly way of separating the hydrocarbons using a citrus based bio-degradable, non-toxic solvent. The goal of the first phase of the mine here in Utah is prove that this new method is commercially viable. If it works it will change how tar sand mines all over the world extract oil and make it a cleaner, more environmentally friendly process. I understand this is likely not the information that many of your readers want to hear but if you’re going to report on it I think its fair to report both sides. All of this information is public and readily available on their website for everyone to see. The irony which I’m sure many people see is that the resistance groups as well as all of us who read your publication are heavy petroleum users whether it’s in cars to drive to mine site to protest, plastics for kayaks, petroleum based textiles for clothing and gear etc. I love the outdoors as much as anyone but I also appreciate hearing both sides of a story. Cheers, Jon

  34. Hello,

    I have an amazing photo I would like to share with you. Please email me so I can send you it via email.



  35. Hi!

    I’m a hands on and experimental illustrator & Designer from Chicago. I also LOVE travelling, running half-marathons, cooking new recipes and exploring national parks. In my art, I often use a variety of different mediums, combining digital tools with handmade approaches. My illustrations and paintings range from large-scale murals to detailed pen work that often touches on nature, adventure and identity.

    You can see my work at

    I would love to talk more about working on some custom illustrations for your magazine! Thank you!

  36. My name is Abbie Guerrero and my Dad was Mario Guerrero.I have written a book about him and his life (Heaven’s Hero: A True Story) and I am in the process of writing a second book. I would love to have the article, “Sent From Above- The History Of The Air Ambulance In Utah” published in my book. If I can, I do need permission from you before I can move forward. Please email me and we can speak further. Thank you.

  37. Hi! My name is Andy, and I would really like to write for you.

  38. Hey there! I’m am curious if you take photo submissions. I am an adventure and outdoor gear photographer located in northern Utah, and would love to know requirements and possibilities. Check out my site and let me know if you have any questions!


  39. How does one obtain hard copies of your publication to distribute from our business location. Cheers,


  40. Hi! I was wondering do you guy hire photographers or buy freelance photography? I enjoy photographing nature and i have quite a few good pieces!

  41. Hello,
    My name is Jojo and I have a unique way I would like to reach out to adventures even outside the climbing world. When I go on adventures I leave a penny heads up on a cairn at a place of interest. Top of the mountain, bottom of a canyon, middle of an island. I then share the GPS locations and write an article about the adventure as well as teaching people about the area in hopes that others will go out and explore.
    I would like to spread my idea through Utah Adventure Journal magazine. If you are interested I have design experience in graphic design, web design, photography, magazine production, and animation. As well as outdoor experience as a guide in Moab UT. If you are looking for a photographer, writer, or design freelancer I would love to be part of your team.


    Thank you very much for your time.

  42. Utah Adventure Journal Editors,

    I would like to learn about your process for article submissions. I believe that I have an exciting and relatable story to tell about the growth of a new outdoor adventurer. If you accept writing submissions please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Dan Hohl

  43. Hello,
    I sent you a story via regular mail. If you want an electronic copy, e-mail me.

  44. First off, I love UAJ, and always used to pick up a copy when I lived in Salt Lake from the Front. I no longer live in the valley, having moved up to Park City, and was wondering where I can pick up a copy around here? Thank you in advance!


  45. It would seem appropriate to mention in a Park City magazine the recent discovery of a rewrite on the history of the lost Josephine mine near Kamas only thirty miles away, since I am a Summit County resident.The kind of news that the owners of this magazine may consider doing a feature. article on. The news; Brigham Young and Thomas Rhoads did not find the lost Josephine from the war chief Wakara, but San Jose Pueblo with the assistance of U. S. Deputy Marshal Kimball, a Park City resident in 1852 Go to for compelling evidence especially page 3.

  46. Hello there,
    I have alwasys enjoyed the Snowbird Lecture Series and am trying to find the currently lineup for 2019-2020 but all I can find posted is last years listing. Do you have an update somehere?


  47. Hi,

    my name is Rachel Cary and I have a submission for a human interest piece. We’re a young family of four and as a family we’ve hiked the equivalent of Everest. We’ve climbed over 25,000 feet and hiked over 130 miles with our two children (3 and 1). Our three year old hiked over 60 miles on her own this summer. We would love to share with your audience some of the unique places and unique lessons we learned while backpacking with our young family around Utah.

    You can find our family @cary.forward on instagram. I would love to discuss this idea further, and look forward to hearing from you!

    Rachel Cary

  48. Hi!

    My name is Rachel Pasche, I’m a travel writer for the Southwest area and I’d love to do a story on a road trip through Utah (visiting the National Parks etc.) while remaining socially distant. The article would cover hikes in the parks that are overlooked/less crowded but still stunning, as well as give guidance as to how to travel with the various obstacles people are facing today.
    My website has links to the other travel articles I have written for the Southwest region, please let me know if this would work for your publication, I think it would be a unique and relatable angle for people who want to visit Utah but are perhaps a little nervous.


    Rachel Pasche

  49. any chance there is going to be a speaker series this year, or is it a covid fatality as well?

  50. Nice website!

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