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A Day at Voile

A Day at Voile

  Considering the joy that a single pair of skis can bestow, one must think these wooden planks are born from the intercourse of all things awesome, like a byproduct of beer, snowflakes, and avalanche rescue dogs that magically rises pre-molded and ready to ride from an embryonic goo that smells like alpine wind, all […]

Planning for Misadventure in the Uinta's

Planning for Misadventure in the Uinta’s

  When you venture into the backcountry, there’s only so much planning you can do. Natural variables will, at some point, alter your route, scrap your summit or dictate when you will – and won’t – pass go. All you can do is adjust to conditions and, willing enough, continue your quest for adventure. In […]

Skiing Utah's Biggest Lines

Skiing Utah’s Biggest Lines

Skiing Utah’s Biggest Lines What is the point of pushing oneself aerobically? Why do that extra lap or pedal another hill on a training day? For many it’s to pass another athlete in the late stages of a race, for others it’s the satisfaction of establishing a new personal best. For me- it’s the possibility […]