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Spring Classics- 8 Weeks, 8 Adventures in Utah

Spring Classics- 8 Weeks, 8 Adventures in Utah

It happens every year in Utah – winter’s death knell tolls and skiers mourn the melting snow. Spring, however, gives rise to the best time of year for outdoor recreation in the state. Mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, canyoneering and backpacking fill the void winter leaves behind. Spring is the signal for our migration towards […]

Canyoneering Robber's Roost Country- By Air!

Canyoneering Robber’s Roost Country- By Air!

Flying over the Utah landscape is always an eye opener for me. I find myself pinned to the window, amazed by the point of view from the air. No matter which way you are coming from there is always some amazing topography to take in. I love scoping out the dirt roads, as you always […]

Paddling Utah's Small Streams

Paddling Utah’s Small Streams

Scott Peters, my friend and college roommate, held on to the wall with white fingertips straining against the slippery wet sandstone. My paddle was jammed under a boulder in the frothy foam just at the edge of the precipice, and we both looked over the edge into the dim chasm, misty with the spray of […]

Buckskin Gulch: Stepping  into the  World  of Slots

Buckskin Gulch: Stepping into the World of Slots

Let’s be honest, slot canyons can be intimidating. In fact, they can be downright scary. The prospect of rappelling into a claustrophobic slot with no sure way out, that’s enough to make anyone nervous. Or how about swimming through a cold, muddy pool of water when you can’t see below the surface? Perhaps the most […]