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Clothing Optional- Swimming the Colorado Plateau

Clothing Optional- Swimming the Colorado Plateau

Mill Creek and Indian Creek Everyone knows, or at least they should, that the Millcreek swim hole in Moab rocks. Only a mile from the trailhead off Powerhouse Lane., surrounded by slickrock and deep enough to jump into from ledges eight to ten feet above the pool, this easy refuge sees a lot of traffic.  […]

Kings To Emmons- Utah's Highest Traverse

Kings To Emmons- Utah’s Highest Traverse

The Kings-Emmons Ridge is the highest continuous ridge in Utah and one of the highest in the United States. For a backpacker, the recommended time to complete a ridge run, car to car is 4-6 days. It was on my mind for over two years. Start at Henrys Fork Trailhead on the North Slope of […]

Canyoneering Robber's Roost Country- By Air!

Canyoneering Robber’s Roost Country- By Air!

Flying over the Utah landscape is always an eye opener for me. I find myself pinned to the window, amazed by the point of view from the air. No matter which way you are coming from there is always some amazing topography to take in. I love scoping out the dirt roads, as you always […]

Skiing Utah's Biggest Lines

Skiing Utah’s Biggest Lines

Skiing Utah’s Biggest Lines What is the point of pushing oneself aerobically? Why do that extra lap or pedal another hill on a training day? For many it’s to pass another athlete in the late stages of a race, for others it’s the satisfaction of establishing a new personal best. For me- it’s the possibility […]

Cheating the Keeper in Neon Canyon

Cheating the Keeper in Neon Canyon

I have been itching to do some real canyoneering for years, everyone at work knows about this odd obsession and my friends regularly take a jab at my ambitions. The closest I have come so far has been walking through slots that I thought of as tourist hikes. You didn’t need ropes, there was no […]